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The Kazan State Medical University is located in the central part of city Kazan, Russia. Kazan State Medical University is one of the most renowned, Medical Universities in Russia. Medical Faculty was opened in 1814. In 1930, the Medical Faculty of Kazan State University reorganized into Kazan Medical Institute.On April 29, 1994, Kazan Medical Institute acquired the status of the Kazan State Medical University.

Today Kazan Medical University is a multifunctional multilevel state higher medical educational institution that sees its mission in providing high-quality educational, scientific and clinical activities that correspond to the level of the best domestic and foreign medical schools, based on the development and implementation of innovative technologies, the implementation of an effective model of social partnership between KSMU, society, the healthcare system and the region aimed at improving public health Nia and increase its longevity.

Kazan State Medical University has trained more than 24000 students, including foreign students from 49 countries. The degrees obtained at Kazan State Medical University is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and can be spotted in the World Directory of Medical Schools. It is also recognized by the Medical council of India.


  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Preventive Medicine
  • Faculty of Nursing